Garden Gift Ideas

Gardman Birdbox

Bird Box & Feeders

One of our most popular gifts at any time of the year, perfect for both family and friends.

Suitable for attracting may wild bird species into your garden, including sparrows, tits, nuthatches and finches, these products are all recommended by the British Trust for Ornithology.

Fill the feeders with bird seed mixtures to attract a wide range of birds or specific food that appeals to individual species. Locate bird boxes in a quiet area out of direct sunlight in the autumn, ready for your first arrivals in the spring.

Snapping Swamp Gator Ornament

Snapping Gator Ornament

Part of a terrific range of life-like garden ornaments available to buy online.

Highly detailed, this is a stunningly impressive, large scale sculpture in high quality resin that celebrates the strength and beauty of this fabulous animal.

Hand painted, the gator is strikingly realistic, and will emerge from your pond or undergrowth with sharpened teeth menacingly laid bare. A frightening prospect but a wonderful gift.


Wilkinson Hand Tools

Hand Tools

Garden tools make the perfect Christmas gift for any budget!

Ergonomically designed, high quality Carbon Steel Garden Tools will prove so useful for numerous jobs around the garden.

Spades, forks, loppers and shears are all made to great specifications with hard wearing ash or lightweight aluminium handles completed with

Bee & Bug House

Bee & Bug Houses

Makes a great gift for all ages and encourages British wildlife.

This Bee and Bug House is the perfect way to provide shelter for many different beneficial insects that are under threat in our gardens.

Handmade in the UK using sustainably sourced redwood, this little house will welcome an impressive range of bees and bugs, helping to protect vital wildlife and sustain bio-diversity.

Toscano Perching Forest Owl Ornament

Perching Owl Ornament

A very wise purchase for any garden wildlife enthusiast.

Modelled with fantastic detail, many people will have to give this delightful Perching Owl a second look to decide whether it is real or not.

Our ornaments are famous for their marvelously realistic resin designs that are hand painted by highly skilled experts to achieve true to life colouring and textural qualities.


Garden Lighting

Modern high quality outdoor lighting that robustly withstands bad weather.

From market leaders, our collection of wall mounted lights will offer everyone a warm welcome home in the dark.

This is a distinctively contemporary light that will handsomely decorate the exterior of your house. Made from lacquered aluminium and acrylic, its pristine black or white finish is guaranteed corrosion free.