Garden Ornaments

Ornaments add interest and structure to your garden, and at our New Oscott garden centre we have on display a large selection of metal, resin and stone ornaments and statuary reflecting various styles.

Contemporary pieces stand next to more traditional ornaments, and classical subjects can be compared to more whimsical items. They can all be used to create a garden theme and are influential in developing a specific ambiance.

Stone Garden Ornaments

Stone Ornaments

There is a comprehensive choice of Japanese and Chinese subjects including lanterns and pagodas, and by contrast our selection of fantasy, horror and Gothic imagery is particularly popular at Halloween.

Resin Ornaments

Resin Ornaments

Resin ornaments display fantastic detail, with vibrant colours imparting lifelike qualities. Again, the choice is huge with collections that allow you to create and embellish landscape themes.

Metal Garden Ornaments

Metal Ornaments

Finally, metal ornaments are cast with great care from iron and aluminium. These can be highly detailed or adopt a more abstract approach and the collection also includes resin pieces that have a convincing bronze or copper metallic finish.