Aquatics Gift Ideas

Garden Pool

Affintiny Half Moon Pool

This eyecatching pool enables everyone to enjoy all the sights and sounds of a living water feature.

The Affinity Half Moon Pool is surprisingly easy to set up and does not require any prior knowledge and even better does not require any digging. An added bonus is that you get a Blagdon Inpond All-in-One 1400 filter plus a 5 watt UV clarifier to prevent green water build up.

Biorb Aquariums

Biorb 105 Black Aquariums

The BiOrb 105 offers an all in one system for keeping and maintaining fish to the highest of standards.

The 105 litres model holds the same volume as a 90 x 35 x 30cm standard aquarium, opening up new opportunities for fish stocking. The biOrb 105 has an intelligent light which uses long life LEDs to automatically replicate a natural 24 hour light cycle. 

Carolina Water Feature

Fountain Water Feature

The Carolina Water Feature  is a classic self-contained water feature that looks fabulous anywhere.

Slightly over 5ft tall, this is a superb styled urn, a fabulous sensual shape with a prominent rim and a wonderful dappled appearance. The impact of its glorious shape is augmented by water that adds movement and sound. Elegantly proportioned and simply decorated.