The Big Sleuth Cub at Hall’s Garden Centre

  • Published on: 16 June 2017
  • By: Office Department

Big Sleuth Cub at Hall's Garden Centre

As part of The Big Sleuth in Birmingham, Hall’s Garden Centre will be providing a home to one of four bear cubs within the Boldmere area.

The cub will be on display from Saturday 24th June and included within the Boldmere Big Sleuth trail - where local children, parents and visitors from across the West Midlands and beyond will be able to visit bears and cubs in the area, appreciating each uniquely hand-finished version.

Each cub, similar to the full size adult bears will be individually decorated, but this time with the help of local school children, designing, painting and dressing up the bear cub in unique styles.

If you’ve not heard about The Big Sleuth project yet, it consists of a limited number of life-like sized Sleuth bear sculptures which have been dotted around Birmingham and painted/decorated by local schools and known artists. The idea is that over the Summer, children and their parents have the opportunity to get out and about, searching for as many bears and cubs as they can to see all of their special designs - you can even take a selfie with some of them and share your favourites with your friends!

One cub will be housed at the garden centre over the Summer period on behalf of Boldmere School - and children from the school will be getting involved in bringing the bear to life with a snazzy look/outfit.

As Hall’s are open 7 a days a week, visitors will have more time to come and see the cub during their Big Sleuth trail. So when the trail begins, don’t forget to come and see one of the limited Big Sleuth bear cubs at Hall’s Garden Centre, 211 Chester Road, Birmingham, B73 5BD.