Spring in to Action

  • Published on: 18 March 2012
  • By: Garden Deptartment
Garden Tools & Equipment

With temperatures starting to pick up, March is a good month for getting back out into the garden and enjoying being out there. We have put together a checklist for things that we believe are important tasks that should be carried out during March.

Vegetables & Herbs

  • Cover early vegetables with Horticultural Fleece to protect them. General Gardening
  • Turn over soil in your garden borders with a Garden Spade or Fork, divide up any overcrowded flowers
  • Remove weeds and moss from paths
  • Cut for first time with a Lawn Mower this year if it's dry enough
  • Redefine your lawn edges
  • Lay High Quality Turf if you did not in the Autumn of last year

Water Garden

  • Feed your fish if the weather has become warm enough, if it's still quite cold stick with a Wheatgerm Fish Food until it's warmed up some more.
  • Replace your UV Lamp in your Pond UV Clarifier. Trees & Shrubs
  • Plant any pot-grown roses or Climbing Plants •Renovate over-grown climbers
  • Prune bush roses, climbing roses and coppice eucalyptus Flowers
  • Sow wildflowers and hardy annuals •Plant and divide perennials •Plant lily bulbs and gladiolus corms Also....
  • Clean the Greenhouse, and keep heating it, but water the plants sparingly.
  • Sow tomatoes, chillies, sweet-peppers and aubergines in a Heated Propagator.