Five Great Autumn Garden Products

  • Published on: 5 September 2019
  • By: Office Department

King Canute discovered that you can’t hold back time and tide, and, when the clocks go back, however much you want the summer to continue, you realise that autumn is upon us.

It’s not all bad news, there’s nothing to match walking through woods, a chill in the air with golden brown leaves gliding to the ground around you.

To collect these fallen leaves you might want to invest in an Autumn Garden Care Kit.

Garden grabbers gather up large amounts of leaves and hedge trimmings in one go, and then you bag them using the Bosmere loader that uncoils, stands up and opens a bin bag for easy access. Also included in the kit are eight heavy duty garden sacks.

There are other garden grabbers to choose from, including long handled ones from Yeoman whose ergonomic design eliminates the need for bending. As they say, ‘an essential tool if stooping and bending down is not your idea of fun’.

Leaves must be kept out of ponds, otherwise they will rot at the bottom releasing noxious gases. So what pond keepers need is good quality Pond Netting. This can be bought off a roll or in set sizes.

Velda produce a heavy gauge version that will catch leaves and even small branches. It’s finely woven and can be laid almost invisibly on the water surface. Very durable and long lasting, the netting will also protect any fish from the attention of hungry herons.

For birds who you want to encourage, there’s a plethora of Wild Bird Feeders. Over wintering British birds will relish finding a Gardman Bird Feeding Station in your garden with 6 branches for different types of feeder. These can be filled with the favourite snack of individual species.

There are nut, seed, even thistle and suet feeders, with many including anti-squirrel protection. Our avian friends need all the help they can get in the winter months and you my be rewarded in the spring if they decide to remain and nest in your garden.

Next spring you’ll also be using plenty of compost, when you’re planting and mulching. Ready built timber Composters range from budget to more substantial versions. Forest manufacture several types to fit any pocket while Grange have small, medium and large models. Fill with all manner of material from the garden and you’ll have beautiful compost by next year.

To keep you warm until the new year arrives, you may have invested in a delivery of logs. These have to be kept dry or else the result will be smoke rather than heat. A substantial Log Store is therefore a must.

They have to be covered of course, and slatted sides will increase air circulation and seasoning. In addition to a simple store, Forest’s Log and Tool Store features a useful compartment for chain saw, petrol etc. The same company also manufacture a good looking shed with an overlapping roof, under which logs can be piled.